Many Businesses are facing the issue of having a great html website for desk tops but their site looks terrible on smart phones.  Google is not giving them good mobile rankings if a web page gets any red marks on the Google Mobile testing tool found on this link:

Bizness Inc has been programming since 1994 and specializing in the web since 1998.  We help consult and advise you about your situation as some people just want to rewrite everything in WordPress with an auto mobile friendly theme.   Other firms don’t want to use WordPress and want their webpages to dynamically show different content when one surfs to their site on a smart phone.

You want to keep the Google website page links you have without having to add any new web pages for mobile smart phones.  So what to you do?

Contract with us (click on ) to program your existing web pages to dynamically render your screen in mobile friendly format.  We test our work on and then submit each page to Google.  This will also help in your rankings.

Call us at 800-717-9208 or email us at and tell us the critical pages you need to be mobile friendly.  If you have thousands of pages, you would want a CMS system to handle that for you and unfortunately we do not sell CMS (content management systems) as of yet.

Here are some examples of what we have done for clients as you can view the same pages on your desk top and then see them on your smart phone how the html renders completely different:              (one of our sites)        (client site)       (client site)         (client site)      (one of our sites)




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